99). Busy Womanís Workout

Fitness director Lisa Goldstein 
Having a tough time getting to the gym? Well here are some quickie workout solutions.

If youíre juggling the demands of career, family and fitness, it seems fitness is the thing to be dropped. Fitness director Lisa Goldstein says you donít have to spend as much time as you think to stay fit. All you need is 40 minutes just three days a week.

Now most of us are just too busy to work out as much as weíd like, what can we do to get a lot done in just a little time and still get good results.
lisa: You can do a 40 minute workout three times a week and get great results from that. So one day,do a 40-minute all cardio workout.

Choose your favorite piece of cardio equipment and go at a moderate intensity.

The next day, or a different day of week, do 30 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of weights for the upper body.

Try mixing it up on this day by doing something a little different, like the elliptical cross-trainer instead of the treadmill. Then do a quickie sculpting routine doing exercises like the lat pull down that works multiple muscles in your upper body at the same time.

Then for the third day, do 30 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of weights for the lower body and get a great all-around workout. 

Since youíre only doing 30 minutes of cardio, make sure itís a fairly high intensity exercise like running or spinning, so you really get those calories burned.  And of course, toning up those legs and glutes with weights is a great use of your time as the more muscle mass you have, the more fat you burn all the time. For Fitness Magazine, Iím Bonnie Kaye.

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