95). Excuse Busters

Senior “Fitness” editor Aviva Patz 
Have a million and one reasons for not working out? Here are some of the most popular excuses and how to get rid of them.

We all know you’d be working out right now if you could, right? But you probably have a great excuse for not doing it! Senior “Fitness” editor Aviva Patz says most of those excuses just don't hold up!

Now people have a million and one reasons for not working out, what are three of the biggest ones?  Well the biggest one is, I don’t have enough time, I’m too busy. You know the fact is people do have enough time they’re just not choosing to make exercise a priority. 

Part of the problem the all or nothing mentality, people think they need to set aside an entire hour to work out, when actually, research shows you can break your workout up into three separate ten minute chunks throughout the day and still get great results.

And how about this one…I’m too tired! 

Well so many people say they’re too tired but unless you’re incredibly sleep-deprived or jet-lagged it’s just not an excuse,and actually, it just does the opposite, exercise will rev you up it you’retired.  In fact we have a study that shows just ten minutes of brisk walking will give you up to two hours of increased energy. That’s a lot of energy for 10 minutes, and not only that, but exercise will help you sleep better so you’re not so tired in the first place.

And how about the excuse, my muscles are sore because I just worked out yesterday! Well light exercise after an intense workout will not hurt your body in fact, it will actually help your muscles recover more quickly

So stop making excuses…and get moving! For Fitness Magazine, I’m Bonnie Kaye.


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