94). Sports Watches

Senior “Fitness” editor Aviva Patz 
Want to keep track of your running pace and your heart rate, but still be fashionable? Check out the latest in sports watch gear.

Senior “Fitness” editor AvivaPatz says you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for the sake of function.

So these are some cool-looking sports watches. yes, these are not the geeky-looking techno watches of yesterday. These are fashion meets function these make a visual statement and they do a lot of cool things. okay, what is thisone? this is the spoon watch from Seiko, costs $99.00. It’s a basic stop watch but it looks so much cooler than a lot of other watches out there. and this funky orange one…This funky orange one is a diving watch…it is needless to say water resistant…it’ll take you down 900 feet underwater, but if you don’t want to go underwater, it’s just a really cool looking watch…it’s a hot color right now, it’s the techo marine squaw, costs $235.00. 

And what about thisone, I like it…it’s blue. This is a combined heart rate monitor, watch and stopwatch, it is avocet phase two, $100.00 it shows your current heartrate and has alarms which tells you when you’re reaching your upper and lower limits of your heartrate. You use it combined with this which you use latch around your chest 

Another feature of the avocet phase two…a blue face with numbers that can seen in both bright sunlight, and in darkness, so you can keep easily keep track of your time no matter what time of day. For Fitness Magazine, I’m Bonnie Kaye.

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