Cold Weather Workouts
Bonnie Kaye, Inside Fitness
Scott Willet, Triathlete
Colder weather doesn’t mean you’re sentenced to a life of the treadmill doldrums, especially if you prefer working out in the great outdoors.

Come rain or shine, Ironman triathlete  Scott Willet trains outdoors. 

I asked Scott, “Now just because it’s a little colder outside, doesn’t mean we have to pack it in as far as our exercises go, do we?
Scott: replied  “Not at all, when it gets cold outside, it’s a great time to go outside and exercise. You just have to be careful about what you’re wearing, doing a good warm-up and cool-down at the end of the activity, and staying properly hydrated.”

“Even though you may not “feel” as thirsty when it’s cold, your body still is.
Generally when it’s cold outside, you wear more clothing, so you are going to sweat, and you sweat quite a lot in your workout, so you need to replace those fluids with either an energy drink or water. I’d recommend you drink 8-12 ounces for an hour workout. “

“It’s very important that you warm-up before you start your hard workout. If you think about the fact that you’re cold outside, your muscles are going to be a little bit cold when you start your exercise, so give yourself 5-10 minutes of easy jogging if you’re going on a run, or easy warm-up walking before you start the harder work. “

Stretching until the end of the workout so you can do it indoors when your muscles are warm. For Fitness Magazine, I’m Bonnie Kaye.

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