Neck and Shoulder Stretches
Bonnie Kaye, Inside Fitness
Karen Millard, Chelsea Piers fitness instructor
Do your neck and shoulders hurt right now? Take a one-minute time out with these simple stretches.

Stretching feels so good…so why do we not take the time to treat ourselves to this oft-neglected part of our fitness program? When you are tight and tense, stop what you are doing and stretch!

To alleviate tension in your neck, shoulders and back, fitness instructor Karen Millard has some stretches you can do with us right now. 

“First we’re going to do shoulder rolls, up and pulling down. Most people don’t pull down with their shoulders. Now keep your shoulders down,  and just pull one ear toward your shoulder, give a little assist with your hand. Back to the center. We’re going to repeat this, exhaling the breath on the stretch, and you’d repeat that up to five times. We’re going the other way. Exhaling over, inhaling up, feel like there’s a weight on your elbow Bonnie that helps pull that shoulder blade down.” 

“And my very favorite. Hands behind the head, inhaling as you look down, come back to the center, hands under the skull, look up, exhale the breath, open the elbows, again, inhaling down, hands under the skull, exhale open the elbow and you can repeat this up to five times for maximum benefit.” 

These stretches took under a minute, and can be done just about anytime, anywhere.  You deserve to take a moment to relax and get rid of those kinks! It’ll  change your mental and physical disposition.  For Fitness Magazine, I’m Bonnie Kaye.

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