New Yearís Fitness Resolutions

Bonnie Kaye, Inside Fitness
Scott Willet, Chelsea Piers fitness director
Liz Vaccariello, Fitness Magazine
Is getting fit one of your resolutions for the New Year? If so, weíd like to help you succeed.

To turn those good intentions into actual results, Chelsea Piers fitness director Scott Willet says focus on the small steps, rather than the end result.  I posed the typical scenery to Scott. ďLetís say this year weíre really going to lose that weight once and for all, want to drop that 15 pounds, how do we do it without getting frustrated that itís not coming off right away?Ē

Scott says if you want to lose that fifteen months in 3 months it may seem like quite a lot when you look at it. But when you break it down, thatís just 5 pounds a month. And thatís just a pound a week.  Scott says thatís quite reasonable. 

So letís say you have a realistic plan, you also need to stay motivated. Fitness editor Liz Vaccariello explains how to do it. ďWell one strategy is to believe in your success. Look for small evidences like the tricep muscle that is appearing for the first time. Donít obsess over the number on the scale that isnít budging.
And finally, be patient because any New Yearís Resolution or any change takes time, so you should celebrate your successes and not beat yourself up over any small setbacks or failuresĒ

That should help you get started and stay at it in 2001!  For Fitness Magazine, Iím Bonnie Kaye.


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