Story #162: Lomi Lomi Spa Ritual

Hi Fitness fans, ahhhhhh, let’s all just relax.  Sounds great right?  Well if you’re looking for a spiritual way to unwind after a workout, why settle for the ordinary when you have the extraordinary. Why settle for something modern when you experience something ancient.  At the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Miami I found one treatment that’s both.

Specialized spa treatments routed in ancient traditions, incorporating elaborate rituals designed to relax every muscle of the body while taking you on a spiritual journey are in high demand at spas worldwide. The Mandarin Oriental Miami Spa’s Jennifer Sanchez says demand is high for treatments steeped in tradition like the Lomi Lomi, an ancient Hawaiian for of massage, which she says begins with a welcoming foot ritual that’s much more than a foot cleaning., “Long ago it’s known that people would walk miles and miles to people’s houses and just as a welcoming they would welcome them into home and wash their feet to thank them for walking so many miles.”

Next chimes are rung, to clear the energy in the room, as well as your mind and body. Then you move to the table.  A Lomi Lomi stick, sort of a y-shaped instrument made from a guava tree is gently pressed into pressure points along your back, feet and lets. It feels awesome!  Next, you’re given a deep tissue massage with aromatherapy oils with a massage technique called “the wave”. The whole experience lasts at least an hour and is simply wonderful.

To get the most out of your spa experience, arrive early to relax. Discuss your treatment with the therapist in advance so any special needs are taken care of. And try new treatments to expand your spa horizons.


This story was taped on location at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental Miami Hotel and Spa
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