New York, New York it's a heck of a town and people here are serious about fitness.... they have to be.  Have you ever tried hailing a cab at 6pm in a snowstorm with two arms full of packages??!   So to help you get in shape for the holidays (and who can't use some help this time of year???) Bonnie and the Inside Fitness team take you to the Big Apple at the New York Sports Club to find some fitness tricks.

From high tech machinery to high fidelity to fitness with your furry best friend this series is an extra helping of good ideas to stay healthy and happy in the holidays.
So click the links below to check out these cool stories and see the actual videos from the TV series!

1). Kinesis Wall

2). A Chorsus Line Workout

3). Holiday Shopping Shapeup

4). Holiday Shopping Nutrition

5). Holiday Shopping Fitness on the Run

6). Indian Dance Workout

7). Music Motivation

8). Puppy Love

9). Home Exercise - Upper Body

10). Home Exercise - Lower Body