Series 1
1. Latin Dance Workouts
Get in shape dancing to the latin beat.
2. Fall Road Cycling
Make your foray into the fall foliage much more fun.
3. Cardio Kickboxing
Kicking and punching your way to fitness.
4. Kayaking
Great views, great exercise... on the water.
5. Marathon Training
Step by step to the finish line.
6. Ab Research
Using science for stunning abs.
7. Mind-Body Spinning
A Spinning workout with a little psychology.
8. Chi-Ball Method
Have a "ball" relaxing and getting fit.
9. Millennium Fitness 
Get in tip top shape for Y2K?
10. New Shoe Review
The latest feats of design for your feet.
11. New Fitness Products
New ideas in fitness at  the IDEA conference in Las Vegas.
12. Trekking
Making new friends while taking treadmill training to the next level.
13. Computer Fitness
Turn your computer into a personal trainier.