103). Speed

Joe Dorr, Trainer, Equinox Gym 
Whether you want to get a jump on the competition or just get in great shape, speed up the process with this high intensity workout.

This high intensity class is called ďspeedĒ. Led by Equinox, New York instructor Joe Dorr, itís a series of drills designed to improve your coordination and agility while revving up your metabolism.

Well itís a fun way to burn a tremendous amount of calories. Thatís the main goal is to burn a lot of calories and have a great time while doing it.

The drills are multi-directional and include intervals of sprinting, back pedaling, and side shuffling. Joe compares the caloric expenditure of this class to that of a car in the city versus a car on a freeway.

A car on a freeway is a consistent pattern at a high speed.  Well "speed" is going really high and really low, like a car in a city, hit the pedal, release, hit the pedal, release, so the car going through the city actually burns more fuel. and thatís the premise.

Students change direction anywhere from 400 to 1000 times during the class, producing quick reaction time, great for reacreational athletes.

Any sport that requires speed and agility, "speed" will definitely help you with that. Soccer, football, basketball, tennis, squash, racquetball, I mean you name it, it will definitely help.

For Fitness Magazine, Iím BonnieKaye.

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