101). Shredmill

Felix Montano, trainer, Equinox, NY 
How do you burn the most calories in the least amount of time? Well try shedding those pounds inthis shreadmill class.

Felix Montano created this intense cardio/strength training combo class he calls“shreadmill”.

We do a four or five minute warm-up at about 4.0, just walking, then we take it up 90-second intervals, at the beginning of the class we do four ninety second intervals of sprinting, and you want to go as fast as you can so that you’re winded by the time you’re finished.

Students alternate between high intensity intervals of running or climbing, and lower intensity recovery intervals of walking.

Then we stop altogether. We cool down and stop, and we do leg work, we do squats on the treadmill. 02:55 so it’s all contained on the treadmill in a small little area.

The heart rate is brought back down to the low end of yourt raining zone before doing the strength training moves. Then it’s time to pick up the pace again and do another series of cardio intervals…followed by, you guessed it-- more strength training exercises. 

If you really want to KO thefat, the cardio intervals combined with the calisthenics give an effective one-two punch. For Fitness Magazine, I’m Bonnie Kaye.


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