100). Fat Blasting Shortcuts

Fitness director Lisa Goldstein 
Whether you have 20 minutes or 40 minutes, you can get great fat-burning results with the right fitness program

IFitness director Lisa Goldsteinyou can customize your program to burn the maximum amount of fat, no matter what your schedule.

Okay lisa, you can get a lot done in just 20 minutes at the gym, right?

Yep, if you do a workout that痴 interval training, so 3 minutes of working out at a high intensity, then one minute of a recovery intensity, you値l burn a lot of fat and you can do that in just 20 minutes and you値l get great results. 

A fun yet challenging way to do interval training is to jump rope. You壇 be surprised how hard it is to keep going for three minutes straight.

And if you have more time, say 45 minutes, what kind of workout should we do there? Lisa: 10:09 Ideally for a 45-minute workout you can do a nice, slow burn so a moderate intensity workout on a bike or any kind of cardio exercise machine at the gym or outdoors, running up stairs, riding a bike, walking,running, 45 minutes slow burn, you値l burn lots of calories.

Okay, and what about strength training, we want to get sculpted and really boost that metabolism.

Eevery well-rounded workout has to have a strength component,so you should just take 20 minutes and do all the major muscles in your body with weights or resistance bands or even using your own bodyweight and you値l also get great sculpting results

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