madarin workout

This time Bonnie and the crew headed to the Lone Star State to get some good old country
R&R.  Relaxation and Recreation!   A couple days at the Lake Austin Spa Resort did the trick. 
From cool water sports to hot Texas sized BBQ and even a little Texas Hold'em, this was a fun,
energetic getaway you can do too.

We had a lot of fun in the sun and ten unique exercises and diet tips later really felt the burn... in more ways than one. :)
Well, I guess you know what they say, "don't mess with Texas."  

A huge thanks to the great team at Spa Magazine for helping me with this series. 
Check them out if you are looking for the perfect spa getaway.

So click the links below to check out these cool stories and see the actual videos from the TV series!

1). Foam Roller Workout

2). Grilled Salmon Cookout

3). Hydro Biking

4).Summer Hydration

5). Destination Spas

6). Tandem Kayaking

7). Fusion Pi-Yo

8). "A" is for Avocados!

9). Row Your Boat

10). Bikini Boot Camp