Series 3
27. Outdoor Workout
Take it outside for fitness fun.
28. Spafinders
Easy link to spa vacations.
29. Indoor Rowing
The best come together in Boston.
30. Weight Loss Solutions
Real life tips for shedding the pounds
31. Balancing Act
Working mom finds time for family
32. Superblitz
Supercharge your workout.
33. Zone Training
Heartrate monitors explained.
34. Abs on the Ball
Therapy ball blasts your abs.
35. Beauty on the Run
New consetics for active women.
36. Rubber Band Workout 
Stretch your fitness program
37. 3 Minute Rounds
Train hard with a kickboxing champ.
38. Body Image
Making new friends while taking treadmill training to the next level.
39. Ai Chi
Turn your computer into a personal trainier.